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Recently decided to expand its site from 11,000 sq. ft to 31,000, Fresh Farms International Market, one of the leading food stores in Chicago land area, was in need of improving its security system solutions along with getting complete track and records of what and when is being purchased in order to avoid possible issues with customers.


To fulfill company’s security needs LaMarCo Systems designed and installed reliable fire alarm system with 5 year warranty by EST preventing the place from one of the destructive elements – fire. Along with that Fresh Farms safeguards its facility with Bosch security system (G Series). Door sensors and multiple motion detectors inside the facility capture every movement, timely notifying police station about any suspicious activities.

One of the key solutions in resolving company’s issues was installation of HD (Arecont, Vivotek) security cameras integrated with

POS (point of sale). This configuration allows recording all the traffic in the store as well as tracking live what transactions are being done every second of time and can be easily found and played back for proof if any issue appears.


As the major benefits of the installed systems Fresh Farms gained total security of all the employees and the entire facility from unwanted intrusion or destructive powers.  Moreover HD cameras integration with POS system resolved one of the key issues by allowing managers easily track all the transactions: what items are being scanned, by what cashier at what price, what time and who is the customer.  This brings down to minimum all possible issues that may appear later between store and a customer.

fresh farms international market