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Northbrook College of Health Care (NCOHC) is a privately owned college, imparts quality education in the highest of the academic standards. Since working with a solid number of students and staff the facility had two main issues to resolve. Priority question #1 – safety and priority question #2 – using cutting edge technology to optimize educating process.


As the best security and technological solutions for NCOHC’s concerns Lamarco Systems developed and installed HD CCTV, Access Control (RBH), Bosch G Series Security System, fire alarm, paging system along with HD projectors and TVs in the class rooms for visual presentations.


The outcome of this project was tremendous. After the installation of High resolution security cameras recording round the clock allowing getting crystal clear view of any moment of time and access control systems all around the facility, the college can guarantee complete security to its students and staff inside and beyond its borders. With rising amount of students the technology should grow as well. This concern was successfully resolved by installation of paging systems allowing proper communication through speakers at all times. For better quality of teaching performance classes were also provided with HD projectors and TVs ensuring best quality visual presentations.