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For over 15 years, LaMarco Systems has been protecting businesses, assets, private properties and people in the City of Chicago in emergency situations by selling, installing and servicing Elevator Control Systems. The Elevator Control Systems offered by LaMarco Systems in the City of Chicago are some of the best Elevator Control Systems available on the market today. Our Elevator Control Systems are sure to meet and exceed your expectations for all your Elevator Control System needs in the City of Chicago.

In case of a fire, Elevator Control Systems remove control and accessibility of the elevator from the public and provide control to firefighters. In high rises, an Elevator Control System is extremely important in the fight to stop the fire. As well, Elevator Control Systems prevent the possibility of injury or death as a result of being trapped in a non-operational or arriving at a dangerous floor. Any building over 2 stories in Chicago is required to have an Elevator Control System.
LaMarco’s Elevator Control Systems work in coordination with the fire alarm system installed in a building. Upon activation of the fire alarm system, LaMarco’s Elevator Control System will automatically engage and prevent anyone from using the elevators. Once the Elevator Control System has engaged, only people with an Elevator Control System override key can use the elevators. LaMarco’s Elevator Control System allows for use of the elevator with strict use of the “Door Close” and “Door Open” buttons. Once a firefighter has entered the elevator cabin, the Elevator Control System will only allow use of the elevator by pressing and holding the “Door Close” button until the doors have fully closed. If the firefighter decides to release the “Door Close” button, the elevator recall system will automatically open the doors. Once the firefighters have arrived at the desired floor, the “Door Open” button needs to be held until the door has fully opened or the elevator recall system will automatically close the doors.

Our considerable experience and partnerships with industry leaders in elevator recall systems allows us the flexibility, diversity and ability to embrace any elevator recall system demand in the City of Chicago.