Commercial Fire Alarm Systems and Industrial Fire Alarm Systems in Evanston Illinois

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For over 15 years LaMarCo Systems have been protecting businesses in Evanston, Illinois, assets and private properties in addition to safeguarding company information and protecting against business interruption by utilizing the latest in small business security systems and commercial and industrial fire alarm monitoring systems. LaMarco Systems, located in Evanston, Illinois can offer you the best quality, service and technology in small business security systems that is up to the latest standards of small business security alarm and is sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether protecting against the destructive power caused by nature or unwanted human interference, LaMarCo small business security systems remain your leading choice in questions of life safety and asset protection by utilizing a myriad of small business security systems and fire alarm monitoring systems.

Whether it is a premium class intrusion detection system with our small business security systems, high rise building fire alarm and notification system, or even an integrated access control or CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system for multiple locations – big and small, LaMarco can handle it all!

LaMarco specializes in all aspects of Emergency Exit Signs, Inspection and Testing, Web Services, UL Certification, Small Business Alarm System Monitoring, Sprinkler Inspections, Fire Extinguishers and many other security services in Evanston, Illinois. We offer products for Fire Alarm, Security (Commercial and Residential), CCTV, Access Control, Visitor Management, Intercom, Mass Notification, Door Entry, Area of Rescue Assistance, Self Storage Integrated Solutions and Structure Cabling.

Our considerable experience and partnership with industry leaders in small business security systems and alarms such as UL, Bosch, Chamberlain, EST, and many others, allows us the flexibility, diversity and ability to embrace any security demands covering all of Evanston, Illinois.

·         Business Alarm System

·         Business Alarm and Security Systems Emergency Exit Signs

·         Business Alarm and Security Systems Inspection and Testing

·         Business Alarm and Security Systems Web Services

·         Business Alarm and Security Systems UL Certification

·         Business Monitoring Sprinkler Inspections

·         Business Security Alarm and Security Systems Fire Extinguishers 

We offer the following features for business security systems and business alarm systems in Evanston, Illinois:

·         Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

·         Industrial Fire Alarm Systems

·         Business CCTV

·         Business  Access Control

·         Business Visitor Management

·         Business Security Intercom

·         Business Mass Notification

·         Business Door Entry

·         Business Area of Rescue Assistance

·         Business Structure Cable

·         Business Self Storage Integrated Solutions


Commercial Fire Alarm and Industrial Fire Alarm Systems in Evanston, Illinois