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Life Safety and Security

UL (Underwriters Laboratories®) is the trusted resource across the globe for product safety certification and compliance solutions.

With more than 100 years of life safety and security experience, Underwriters Laboratories® has the expertise to help protect lives and property. UL applies modern test methods and analyzes and is dedicated to working with regulatory authorities, manufacturers, insurers, retailers and other partners. A dedicated team of life safety professionals, the widely referenced UL Safety Standards and directories, world-class facilities and comprehensive services combine to make UL the most prominent and trusted source for the industry.

Alarm System Services

UL engineers are experts in the complex technology of alarm systems. UL has primary designated engineers dedicated to electronic security equipment. The UL Mark is the most trusted symbol of product integrity among organizations that demand third-party certification for mission-critical systems.

LaMarCo Systems Inc. is a UL listed Alarm Service Company, which means that we do installation of fire alarm and security systems according to the highest possible standards developed by UL. We are authorized to issue UL Certificates of Compliance for our installations. UL, for its part, continuously monitors our operations and make spontaneous checks of the systems we design and install to ensure compliance with standards and the highest level quality.



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